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Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie with Wild Blueberries

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie with Wild Blueberries

Heavy metals are virtually everywhere. They’re present in tap water, aluminum foil, batteries, metal cookware, old paint etc. Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie can help remove...
Basil Pesto Pasta nutritional yeast LOOV Yeast

Nutritional Yeast Recipes: Basil Pesto Pasta with Nutritional Yeast

Pasta with nutritional yeast and basil pesto is a simple yet delicious dish. Our organic nutritional yeast flakes are also a great plant-based source of...
LOOV Chaga Coffee recipe

Chaga Mushroom Powder in a Caffeine-free Latte

Chaga mushroom offers a perfect alternative to start your day without caffeine! The mushroom is packed with vitamins, minerals and is a great source of...
LOOV organic vegan meatloaf with nutritional yeast vegan christmas

Nutritional Yeast Recipes: Vegan Meatloaf

There are hundreds of recipes for vegan meatloaf out there. Have you tried making one yet? Our vegan meatloaf entails lentils, lot of different herbs...
LOOV Organic wild blueberry christmas recipe hot chocolate

Blueberry Powder and Hot Chocolate

Blueberries and chocolate are meant to be together. Have you ever tried adding blueberries to your warm drinks? Our blueberry powder is perfect for mixing...
LOOV Organic Lingonberry powder coconut bars recipe

Coconut Bars with a Touch of Lingonberry

These coconut bars are super easy to make. They don't last long! Lingonberries add the final touch and elevate the taste to another level. Sour...
LOOV Organic Blueberry lemon cheesecake recipe

Blueberry Cheesecake

Fresh blueberries may be hard to find. Freeze-dried Nordic Wild Blueberries are absolutely fabulous replacement, as they entail the same flavour, colour and nutritional benefits as freshly...
LOOV Organic Aronia berry powder Avocado pudding recipe

Aronia and Avocado Pudding

Aronia berry (Aronia melanocarpa), also known as chokeberry, is a tart-tasting, small, dark berry native to North America with many fans among conscious consumers. It...
LOOV Organic cheese crackers with nutritional yeast

Nutritional Yeast Recipes: Cheese Crackers

These cheese crackers are a crisp, simple, on-a-go snack. Nutritional yeast gives them the most unbelievable salty, cheesy flavour. Our non-fortified nutritional yeast is high...
Sea Buckthorn nice-cream LOOV Organic easy dessert recipe healthy

Sea Buckthorn Berry Nice Cream

Nice cream, which is basically ice cream made with banana, is one of our favourite healthy desserts. Super easy and quick to make, and you can...
LOOV Organic Summer Raspberry Smoothie healthy easy recipe

Raspberry Smoothie

What's not to love about raspberries? They are fingerlickin' good, packed with nutrients & vitamins and divine as a smoothie. Our organic raspberry powder is made from whole...
Crispy Tofu with Nutritional Yeast LOOV Organic recipes copy

Nutritional Yeast Recipes: Crispy Tofu

Who doesn't love a good crunch of a crispy tofu? The secret ingredient is to get out as much moisture and liquid from the tofu...

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