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Our Mission

To help people maintain and restore their health through products that harness the power of nature, traditional natural medicine with cutting-edge science.

Our Story

Ahto Vegmann, co-founder

Around 8-9 years old, I landed in the hospital. I just had a birthday, and a myriad of colored candy and drinks containing unknown substances traveling to my mouth elicited a decent allergic reaction.

This early lesson urged me to value pure food. I am from Estonia, a small cozy spot in Northern Europe where forests and bogs blanket half the land. Nordic region boasts some of the purest air and cleanest waters in the world.

Growing up, I formed a deep bond with wild nature, relying on wild berries and herbs as remedies when I was sick. For centuries wild berries and herbs have always had a place in the region here in folk medicine to treat various illnesses. This all nurtured my connection to natural medicine and organic food.

Post university, I asked myself what I would like to do with my life which would match my values. I wanted to contribute something meaningful which would be good both for people’s health and environment. In 2008, I co-founded LOOV to share the rare and powerful nourishment of the Nordic forests and plants with the whole world.

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High quality & naturally organic.

What sets us apart?

Quality as Our North Star:

It all begins in the wild forests on the northern latitudes.

LOOV's foundation rests upon the use of pristine raw materials, meticulous processing techniques, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of the final products. We source our raw organic ingredients mainly from the pristine wild forests and the landscapes of the Nordic nature. Nordic countries boast some of the purest air and cleanest waters in the world! The natural gifts grown here are exceptionally rich in health-beneficial antioxidants due to the Nordic climate.
Northern nature and an abundance of light give the wild berries a unique consistency and nutritional value. Finland and Sweden have the world’s largest organic-cerfified forest berry areas.

Why does climate make a difference?

The clean untouched growing environment for forest berries is vast, since 86 % of Finland and 70% of Sweden is covered by forests. In mid-summer, there are 19 hours of daylight in southern Finland, and in the northern Arctic Circle region the sun does not set at all. According to studies, this abundance of light promotes the formation of antioxidants compounds. Due to Finland’s and Sweden’s northern location, Arctic bilberries (wild blueberries) that grow wild in the forests form extremely high levels of antioxidants.

All our products are made in Europe, we never source from China. You can check the origin of the raw ingredients and country where the product has been made on every package. We have a strict quality control procedures to audit our partners and we do regular analyses to the products. We use cutting edge freeze drying technology to lock in all the good nutrients in our superfoods products and devote exceptional focus to ensuring top-notch quality.

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Naturally organic, celebrating 15 years!

We never became organic, we started organic since birth of LOOV in 2008. Organic is good for health and nature. We are organic in our heart and mindset. We see organic also as a way to contribute to the preservation of clean water sources, soil, bees, forests, biodiversity, wildlife and the ecosystem. Our products are all free from GMOs, glyphosates, pesticides, preservatives, synthetic dyes, fillers, binders artificial sweeteners and additives.

Were you aware that not all berries picked from forests are organic? Organic berries are meticulously selected from controlled environments, and LOOV sources its organic wild berries from certified organic regions in Finland and in Sweden.

The organic certification serves as a testament to the unadulterated nature of our raw materials. The entire production process, spanning from collection sites to raw material processing, adheres to stringent organic regulations. Upholding the quality of our products remains of utmost importance to us – and that quality is unmistakably evident in every delectable bite.

All our products proudly bear USDA and EU organic certifications.

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& Care

Working with nutritional therapists and naturopaths to craft optimal products.

We care about ensuring our products have a positive impact on people's health and well-being, helping them maintain and restore their health. We embrace simplicity and naturalness.

Our products are simple and understandable in their composition, with minimal ingredients, aiming to provide naturalness.

We are proud to consume all products we offer to customers, and we confidently share them with our children. Even a 4-year-old should easily grasp what our products are made of.

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We genuinely take it to heart:

Responsibility, Transparency, Sustainability

We adhere to these principles across all aspects of our company: business model, product content, packaging, use of natural resources, partners, team. It’s in our DNA since the birth of LOOV.

As a company dedicated to providing organic food and health supplements, transparency is at the core of our values. We take pride in openly sharing comprehensive information about our Nordic-origin produce, specifically our delicious berries, right from the source to your plate.

Our commitment to transparency extends throughout our supply chain, ensuring that you know exactly where your food comes from and how it's grown and harvested.