Why are wild berries good for you?

  • Especially rich in nutrients compared to the cultivated varieties
  • High antioxidant content – anthocyanins
  • Powerful source of vitamins
  • Particularly high content of vitamin C
  • A wide range of minerals
  • Significant amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Essential health-promoting fatty acids in the seeds
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How to use berry powders and juices?

  • Add berry powders to smoothies
  • They taste excellent in your porridge and granola
  • Blend powders to yogurt or other milk products
  • Makes a colorful berry latte or chia-pudding
  • Perfect for adding to cupcakes, cheese cakes, pancakes
  • Add berry juices to tasteful popsicles or gelato
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Freeze-dried wild berry powders

Freeze-dried organic wild berry powders are made from whole fruit and nothing else. Raw, no added sugar, non-GMO. Taste and smell like real berries! Very fine in texture, easy to mix and use.

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Juice-pressed wild berry powders

Juice pressed organic berry powders are made from the most valuable part of the berries: peels and seeds, which are dried at low temperature (+45°C) for 48 hours and then milled into berry powders.

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100% pure wild berry juices

Pure berry juices are made from organic berries that are cold pressed and lightly pasteurized. 1,1 kg berries in 500 ml bottle! No concentrate used, no sugar or water added. No enzymes or additives used.

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Chaga mushroom powder

Chaga mushroom is super rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients but is known best as a powerful antioxidant. Organic chaga powder is perfect for making tea or adding it to smoothies.

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