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Cranberry – The Magic Berry of the Nordic Forests


Zucchini Brownies with Cranberry Cream

Client Reviews

Sour just like in Russia. Yes growing up I visited forest mushroom gathering and wild berries, sometimes even pine nuts. This berries are pretty good, tastes just Iike I remember from childhood, sour but good. My grandpa used to tell me, if I eat this all the time I will grow up faster. I guess old Russian tale, but they are packed with goodness that everyone needs this days. I personally sprinkle them on my oats and add little honey = best breakfast ever! Enjoy!
As somebody who has had a lot of wild berries from Finland, I can tell you that these are the real deal. The thing that is great about these is that you can taste that they have been harvested at peak ripeness and brought to the processing facility before they have had a chance to spoil. A lot of berries are wild harvested in Scandinavia each year, and some suppliers are not so great. They are freeze-dried, and do not have any soapy or bad flavor, which means that this company must have a good, clean facility which is paramount...Freeze-drying means no additives are needed to prevent mold, however keep in mind that these are really meant to be eaten with some source of moisture that will rehydrate them (like mixed into a meal). Overall I was surprised by the quality, since European wild berries can be hit or miss, especially in North America. You definitely get your money's worth.
Delicious wild blueberries. These tasteful wild blueberries, they go perfect with oatmeal.
The best i have ever had...colorful, tasteful and easily dissolved
I like the taste and fact it is full if antioxidants and hood got gut health. I would like the powder to dissolve quicker in water.
It’s good added to cereal along with blueberries. I use this in my cereal to help prevent UTI’s. It seems to help.