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Hello. I am happy to see that you have a question, query or product improvement suggestion for us. Please let us know your thoughts via hello@loovfood.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours / within the next working day.

Our Customer Service phone line is open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM EET (Eastern European Time GMT+2) and closed during weekends and public holidays.

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Karolin from LOOV

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Karolin Vetevoog
Head of Customer Experience

Meet Our Team

  • Ahto Vegmann portrait

    Ahto Vegmann


    "One of my friends and a colleague with the cleanest values, whom I have met in my life – embodies the true spirit of nature. With an extremely broad world view and an open mind."

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  • Liis Kalvik portrait

    Liis Kalvik

    Head of Export / B2B

    "Liis just glows! She glows so much you can take her to a nighttime exploration in a dark forest and not bring a flashlight at all."

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  • Kairi Ramjalg portrait

    Kairi Ramjalg

    Quality Manager

    "She is dedicated, specific, and tackles every issue in depth. I’m amazed at how much specific information she holds and is able to process in any given situation. At the same time, she really gets it when it comes to weird jokes and silly humor. I think she also likes to challenge herself."

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  • Cäroly Kirs portrait

    Cäroly Kirs

    Logistics Manager

    "Cäroly is like the sun in Estonia – we rarely see her, but when she does show herself, she makes everyone happy. Her sweet demeanour and positive attitude are infectious, while her jokes are to the point and add spice to a workday that may be full of tension…"

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  • Portrait placeholder

    Karine Zirk

    Head of Accounting / CFO

    "She is the sorter of the messes. She can work tirelessly to sort through the numbers and get each thing set in place, exactly the way it needs to be while being the sweetest person in the room, all at the same time."

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  • Liisi Anvelt portrait

    Liisi Anvelt

    Marketing Manager

    "Liisi is like a forest-fairy who radiates tender care towards everything around her. With her sunny and gentle energy, she can move every mountain to its perfect location. Always ready to act, comprehensive, and precise in everything she does, with a great thirst for knowledge."

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  • Karolin Vetevoog

    Head of Customer Experience

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  • Portrait placeholder

    Margit Prede


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  • Portrait placeholder

    Sean Hinkle

    Product Portfolio Manager

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  • Portrait placeholder

    Marilin Kaus

    Supply Chain Manager

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