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LOOV Organic Vegan quinoa porrage with cranberry powder and almond flakes

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl with Cranberry Powder and Almond Flakes

Change things up a bit with this flavour-bomb Quinoa Breakfast Bowl. Cranberry powder really lifts the dish up and adds some extra nutrients for a...
LOOV Organic Cranberry peanut butter blissballs

Bliss Balls with Cranberry and Peanut Butter

Peanut butter gives your body extra protein, cranberry powder adds in an extra portion of antioxidants and vitamins. Because there are no added sugar nor additives,...
LOOV Organic chaga almond candies

Almond Candy with Chaga Mushroom Powder

Chaga powder is a great way to add some extra antioxidant support to your diet. Add chaga powder to your smoothies, use it to make chaga...
Zucchini brownies with cranberry cream

Healthy Brownies with Cranberry Cream

When you are looking for a healthier brownie, definitely try our our Zucchini Brownies! These are the BEST zucchini brownies ever, with cranberry cream taking them to...
LOOV Organic Nice cream recipe

Blueberry Ice Cream with Lavender

Ice cream does not need to be heavy and full of sugar. Try out our blueberry ice cream recipe, that does not need any added...

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