4 Stealthy Ways to Use Blueberry Powder Every Single Day

For ages, people have enjoyed fruit powders for their taste.

But with scientific evidence backing the health benefits of fruit powders, they’re quickly becoming some of the most sought-after supplements.

More people are using them as sugar substitutes, in place of food dyes, and as sources of vital minerals.

An extra advantage is that the products are cheaper than fresh fruit when measured by weight, and have a longer shelf life. By choosing powders, people can enjoy the benefits of fruit at a lower longterm price.

One fruit powder that has gained popularity is blueberry powder, and with good reason.

Blueberries are packed with vitamin K, C, and E, and are rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins. Plus, they’re full of minerals.

Additionally, the fruit’s nutrients are more concentrated in powder form. For instance, one tablespoon of powdered blueberries has the same amount of nutrients as half a cup of fresh berries.

And that’s not all.

You can use the blueberry fruit powder to make healthy and enticing recipes for everyday of the week, and everyone in the family.

But first, did you know that not all blueberry powders are equal?

Choosing the Best Blueberry Powders

Blueberries, and their extracts, have different nutritional values and flavors depending on the fruit varieties and preservation methods.

In this regard, there are two major types of blueberries:

  • Wild blueberries (Ours are Wild Nordic blueberries)
  • Cultivated blueberries

As their names suggest, they grow under different conditions, environments, and temperatures. These factors cause major differences in taste and food value.

Wild Nordic Blueberries Cultivated Blueberries
Contain 72% more fiber than cultivated blueberries. Have 72% less fiber than wild Nordic berries.
Wild blueberry fields have thousands of berry varieties, giving their powder a complex flavor. Cultivated blueberry fields have half a dozen varieties or thereabout, making them less flavorful.
Wild blueberries have 30% less sugar than cultivated varieties—10 grams of sugar per cup. Cultivated blueberries have more sugar than wild berries—13 grams of sugar per cup.
A cup of these purple fruits has 4 mg of manganese, which is 200% of the manganese your body needs to regulate sugar, maintain healthy skin, and preserve bone health. A cup of cultivated blueberries has 8 times less manganese than wild berries.
Organic blueberries have a high skin-to-pulp ratio, hence more antioxidants than other berries. Cultivated berries have a high pulp-to-skin ratio, hence fewer antioxidants and less blueberry flavor.
Wild blueberries contain more anthocyanins, minerals, like iron, and vitamins than other berries. Cultivated berries have fewer minerals and vitamins than Nordic berries.

Organic Nordic blueberries clearly take the crown.

Still, poor preservation methods can prevent you from enjoying the wild blueberries’ health benefits.

For instance, methods involving heat exposure change the fruits’ compounds and reduce their food value. Fruit powders, preserved by freeze-drying, are preferable.

Some benefits of freeze-drying include:

  • It retains the fruit’s original taste and color.
  • It allows people to harvest fruits when they are fully ripened.
  • No heat is used, so the berries retain up to 97% of the original nutritional value.

Now that you know how to select a nutrient-dense blueberry fruit powder, here are some ways you can enjoy it every single day.

Add Organic Blueberry Powder to Your Smoothie

Blending a smoothie is a classic way of supplementing your diet.

Blueberry-flavored smoothies are low in calories and fats, meaning you can enjoy rich flavors and adequate nutrition without weight-gain worries.

They’re also protein-packed, giving you an energy boost when used in the morning.

Nordic blueberry nutrients also subdue food cravings, keeping you away from junk food. So, people who want to lose weight can use the fruit blends to stay full without compromising their nutrition.

Because of the fiber in dried blueberry powder, adding it to your smoothie is also a great way to aid digestion.

One popular must-try blueberry smoothie is the almond milk Blueberry Smoothie Bowl. To make it, you need bananas, raspberries, LOOV wild blueberry powder, dried blueberries, coconut flakes, almond milk, and chia seeds.

Here is what our customers have to say about LOOV blueberry powder for smoothies.

LOOV blueberry powder for smoothies.
Testimonial from Giovanna and Amy

The LOOV wild blueberry powder can go with most fruits and drinks. Feel free to play around and invent your own smoothie recipes.

Add Wild Blueberry Powder to Homemade Ice Creams and Slushies

Taking a stroll on a hot summer day?

Maintaining a healthy body temperature is as important as staying hydrated. And nothing does it better than a good blueberry ice cream or slushy.

Besides, new research has shown that drinking a healthy slushy can improve your body function, endurance, and performance.

When placed in a hot room, athletes who drank icy slushies before exercising ran on the treadmills for 50 minutes. Their counterparts only lasted 40 minutes.

Adding Nordic blueberry powder to your slushies and ice cream mixtures can also enhance their colors and tastes.

Moreover, blueberry fruit slushies provide a healthy way to stay hydrated without overindulging in calories.


An average cup of slurpee from your local vendor, made with artificial flavors, contains 130 calories, and 36 grams of carbohydrates. And that doesn’t even cover the harmful chemicals contained.

Your average natural homemade blueberry slurry has 100 calories, 3 grams of fiber, 20 grams of carbohydrates, and 4.7 grams of protein.

Similarly, flavoring your ice cream with Nordic blueberry powder also makes for a healthier treat.

Put the Power of Wild Blueberries in Baking

You can also add more color and nutrients to your everyday pastry with a few spoonfuls of blueberry powder.

One very popular pastry is the Blueberry Pound Cake with Greek Yogurt Sauce.

Antioxidant-rich blueberry cake
Antioxidant-rich blueberry cake

This cake features only simple ingredients:

  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Lemon zest
  • Cane sugar
  • Greek yogurt
  • Vanilla extract
  • LOOV organic wild blueberry powder

The nutrients in blueberry pastries give you a healthy boost of energy.

This is because in addition to the fruit’s nutrients, the pastry’s ingredients are an excellent source of carbohydrates and minerals.

Blueberry pastries also help with your digestion, making them an excellent choice for your fiber intake.

To get even more health benefits from the fruit powder, you can choose to sprinkle it on your ready pastries. Because it won’t be exposed to heat, the taste will remain unadulterated.

While you can eat blueberry pastries daily, it is important to avoid eating large quantities of cake.

When used in excess, ingredients like flour and sugar can cause unhealthy weight gain.

Put Wild Blueberry Powder in Dog Treats

Yes, adding blueberries to your dog’s diet is safe. Your dog will not only love the taste of the blueberry treats, but will also receive multiple health benefits.

Feeding your canine freeze-dried or fresh blueberries provides them with antioxidants, making for a healthier and happier pet.

The fiber in the fruit can also help with your pet’s bowel movements and reduce constipation.

The blueberry fruit also has similar properties to the cranberry, which has been found to reduce UTI risk in dogs. However, blueberries do not treat UTIs, and if you ever suspect that your dog has a UTI it’s best to check with your veterinarian.

For active dogs, blueberry treats can enable them to regain their energy quickly. This makes blueberry foods perfect for training.

When it comes to blueberry fruits or powders for your pet, it’s important to buy the purest and healthiest products possible.

Therefore, the organic wild blueberry powder is your no.1 choice. Add a spoonful of this powder to your dog’s meals or dust them over treats every day.

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It’s no longer enough to walk into a store and buy a random fruit powder. To increase production and shelf life, more companies are turning to GMOs and chemical preservatives.

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