LOOV's Berry Powders Now Come with Oxygen Absorbers

You might notice that your LOOV berry package now contains another smaller packet inside – it’s an oxygen absorber, helping keep the powder fresh while on its way to you and all throughout shelf life, until the package remains sealed!

What is an oxygen absorber?

Our specific oxygen absorber contains organic powder and has the ability to remove oxygen in order to avoid oxidation inside the product.


Why are we using them and how does the absorber work?

During the packaging of our whole berries and powders, oxygen remains in the product. As a result, there’s an oxidation process that takes place inside the package which can cause a rancid off-flavor and -taste over time. This smell can be described as paint-, chemical-, or cardboard-like.

That is why we are using oxygen absorbers that are added to the packages before welding them shut. The absorber ensures the binding of any oxygen remaining in the package. If the hermetic welding of the packages is ensured, and the absorber binds the oxygen inside the package, the problem of oxidation will no longer be apparent.

So, our goal is to preserve the product’s beneficial properties; prevent discoloration & oxidation of fat; prohibit the degradation of taste, flavor, and nutrition; and extend shelf life.


What are the benefits of an oxygen absorber?

Prevents the development of bacteria; discoloration; and oxidation of fat.
Prevents degradation of taste, flavor, color, and nutrition.
Extends shelf-life.


What does an oxygen absorber contain?

Ingredients: iron powder, active carbon powder, salt, diatomite granule, and water.

Our oxygen absorbers are organic and completely non-toxic if accidentally ingested. They are made for food contact. It’s however not recommended to swallow the organic powder inside the absorber packet.


Can an oxygen absorber be recycled?

Unfortunately, the absorbers are not yet recyclable. But they touch another side of sustainability – by using them we can cut back on the number of berry powder packages being thrown out and/or needing to be destroyed due to oxidation, and extend shelf life.

P.S. Even though they pose no health threat to the food or you, the oxygen absorbers should be removed after opening the product package and discarded into general waste. Since they only work in a closed environment, it will have done it’s job preserving the freshness until the package is opened and it will no longer be functional.

 Oxygen absorbers


If by chance you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our customer experience specialist!

*Our oxygen absorbers are FDA-approved, and ISO and BRC Food certified.