Cranberry Powder for Heart Health: 3 Proven Cardiovascular Benefits

Cranberry powder is an ingredient everyone needs in their kitchen. It adds colour, taste, and character to your favourite delicious treats. Here are some examples:

  • Turns plain yoghurt into a tongue-cuddling drink
  • Makes colourful berry lattes
  • Enhances the taste of your porridge and oatmeal
  • Enriches your chia-pudding and açaí-bowls

But, did you know that cranberry powder also has multiple health benefits relating to your cardiovascular system?

Cranberry powder contains antioxidants, flavonols, procyanidins, quercetin, myricitrin, and anthocyanins. These nutrients destroy free radicals and help to maintain normal cardiovascular function.

At LOOV Food, we aspire to provide our customers with nutritional delicacies. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide on the benefits of cranberry powder for cardiovascular health.

Benefit 1 – Reduces Blood Pressure

smoothie made using LOOV Food’s cranberry powder
Smoothie made using LOOV Food’s cranberry powder

One of the major benefits of using cranberry powder is it reduces blood pressure.

When your heart walls thicken, it can cause ineffective muscle relaxation between beats. Thus, causing high blood pressure (HBP).

HBP is the biggest risk factor in developing heart-related conditions.

LOOV Food’s organic cranberry powder has procyanidin, which reduces blood pressure. It destroys C-reactive protein and prevents foam-cell development in the blood.

C-reactive proteins are biological markers that appear in several high-blood pressure symptoms.

A study shows that procyanidin regulates the development of the C-reactive proteins. This leads to improved cardiac health.

Another study shows that cranberry powder mitigates foam cell development. Foam cells are harmful cells that clump together to form plaques along the walls of blood vessels.

Procyanidin-rich compounds, such as cranberry powder counter foam cell production by activating genes that prevent cholesterol fluctuation, leading to fewer foam cells.

Adding 1-2 tablespoons of LOOV Food’s wild cranberry powder to your smoothie daily reduces your high blood pressure risks.

Ever since we founded the company in 2008, LOOV Food has been sharing the powerful nutritious benefits of wild cranberry products with the world.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about our powder:

“So far this is my favourite. I just love the taste and energy of it, and I guess my body needs what wild cranberries offer healthwise, as I must have some of this daily and love it so much.”
Kinbria F. | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Benefit 2 – Reduces Harmful Cholesterol Levels

vegan quinoa porridge with LOOV Food’s cranberry powder
Vegan quinoa porridge with LOOV Food’s cranberry powder

Cranberry powder also reduces harmful Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels in the blood.

LDL is a lipid with low-density proteins in its molecular structure. The low protein densities enable it to transport harmful cholesterol around the body.

These cholesterol particles stick to and narrow the walls and blood vessels in the heart, causing numerous heart-related conditions.

As a result, many scientists have nicknamed LDL the “bad” cholesterol.

LOOV Food’s cranberry powder has high levels of quercetin—a compound that inhibits microsomal TG transfer protein (MTP). MTP is an enzyme responsible for LDL cholesterol development.

Scientists state that taking at least 9 grams of cranberry powder daily reduces harmful LDL in the body, which improves heart and brain function.

Other scientists attribute the drastic reduction of harmful LDL to blood plasma proanthocyanidins, flavonols, and anthocyanins actions found in the nutritious powder.

Another study shows that cranberries’ antioxidants increase LDL uptake. This reduces LDL levels in the body.

Finally, reduced LDL cholesterol minimises harmful plaque development risks. This leads to easy blood flow and improves cardiovascular health.

💡 Expert Tip:

Did you know that LOOV Food’s organic cranberry powder comes from some of the purest forests and rivers in the world?

LOOV Food handpicks its organic cranberries from over 1400 pristine bogs in Estonia and Finland. These forests have some of the purest air and cleanest waters in the world.

Benefit 3 – Reduces Risk of Excessive Weight Gain

child holding spoon with LOOV Food’s cranberry powder
Child holding spoon with LOOV Food’s cranberry powder

Cranberry powder is a protective factor in the development of excessive weight gain.

Excessive weight or adiposity refers to the excessive and abnormal accumulation of fat that impairs health.

Excessive weight or adiposity increases your risk of developing heart-related conditions because the fat impairs blood movement and weakens blood vessels.

Nonetheless, polyphenols in cranberry powder have been found to impair excessive weight gain development.

New research suggests that cranberry polyphenols reduce excessive weight or adiposity by reducing oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress occurs when your body has more harmful free radicals than antioxidants.

When oxidative stress occurs in your gut and liver, the body produces abnormal amounts of glucose to repair the damage caused by free radicals.

Over time, this imbalance can result in excessive fat accumulation.

As an antioxidant, polyphenol reduces oxidative stress by regulating your blood sugar levels.

It also destroys free radicals. This way, it protects your body from the risk of getting obese.

product feature cranberry powder for heart health
Freeze-Dried Organic Wild Cranberry Powder from LOOV Food

Cranberry Powder Is Essential for Proper Cardiovascular Health

Cranberry powder is important for heart health. It is rich in procyanidins, quercetin, myricitrin, and anthocyanins.

These compounds reduce blood pressure, harmful triglycerides and cholesterols, and risks of excessive weight or adiposity.

However, not all cranberry powders are equal. LOOV Food’s Freeze-Dried Organic Wild Cranberry Powder is purely organic. It is made from freeze-dried, tart and tangy wild cranberries (Vaccinium oxycoccos), handpicked from pristine bogs in Estonia.

Wild Nordic Cranberries

Wild Nordic cranberries

Wild cranberries have more bioactive compounds, antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, and manganese. Hence, they have more health benefits than cultivated cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon).

At LOOV Food, we’re committed to offering you the best quality organic cranberry products. Our products have zero additives, fillers, and preservatives, such as refined sugars.

Here’s a table comparing LOOV Food’s Wild Organic Cranberry Powder to powders made from cultivated berries:

LOOV Food’s Wild Organic Cranberry Powder Cranberry Powders Made From Cultivated Berries
Rich in antioxidants (2.58 mg/100g) Low antioxidant levels (0.19 mg/100g)
Extracted from berries that grow naturally, without pesticides or fertilisers Extracted from berries that are grown using pesticides and fertilisers
Has a refreshing, tangy flavour Has a mild flavour
Has no added sugars Often have added sugar

Your heart might also benefit from using our Organic Astaxanthin 12 mg supplement.

Organic astaxanthin is an antioxidant that is derived from the Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae. It is 6000x stronger than Vitamin C and 800x stronger than CoQ10. This makes it more effective at supporting heart health and normal brain function.

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