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About Us

A deep love for pristine Nordic forests full of magic and nourishing foods

LOOV Organic launched in 2008 thanks to Kristjan and Ahto, childhood schoolmates with a love for the primordial nature of Estonia, their beloved homeland with its wild foods full of a mythical-like power of Nordic nature.

They also desire to contribute to a cleaner, better world, and they want to share these wonderfully delicious and nutritious superfoods of Nordic forests with the rest of the world.

Christmas Market fairytale

It all started in a small home kitchen with an “elixir of love,” a non-alcoholic organic wild blueberry and blackcurrant mulled wine, which found ardent support from the folks at the annual Christmas Market in Tallinn’s Town Hall Square. This spicy tincture of ancient forest magic worked like a Christmas fairytale, tickling people’s senses, and the amazing journey of our newborn company began.

We still offer this cherished mulled wine every year at our romantic cottage at the Tallinn Christmas Market, which was recently voted the most beautiful Christmas Market in Europe — it’s definitely worth a visit!

The power of Nordic climate

We intend to bring the power of nature from the Nordic climate straight to your table. In the Nordic region, there are only three months of potent sunshine. With such a short window, plants have to be adept at gathering and storing enough strength and energy to survive the cold, extreme winter conditions.

As a result, together with the pure air and pristine waters, Nordic forests offer amazing magical berries, mushrooms, and more — real Nordic superfoods! Also, we collect our honey from 1,400 different wild plants in the forest — what an abundance of biodiversity!

Our values and promise to you

At LOOV, we love the energy that a healthy diet and lifestyle give us daily, and we want you to share this feeling with us. The highest quality and purity of our products is our commitment to you — we know where our berries and other ingredients originate.

All our products are 100% organic and natural. We use no additives, fillers, or preservatives, and we keep the ingredients as pure as nature makes them. GMOs and refined sugars have NO place in our products. We perform lab tests on each batch of our handpicked, wildcrafted berries to ensure the best quality.

Our careful production cycle and freeze-drying method help us preserve all the good nutrients (vitamins and antioxidants), colors, and tastes found in our fresh berries, so don’t be surprised if you end up with a blue tongue while eating our wild blueberry products — they’re the real thing!

Rooted in transparency and responsibility

We go a step beyond with the organic label, and we really connect people with the story of the food. This is why we value transparency throughout the entire supply chain of LOOV’s production.

The equal exchange with berry pickers, farmers, and other partners is as important as the use of packaging materials that are the safest possible, both for people and the environment. We’re always making strides to get better, so we’re excited to share with you this amazing journey to a brighter, healthier future!