How to Improve Eyesight With Natural Remedies

Apart from normal ageing, your eyes get exposed daily to the sun’s UV rays, electronic devices’ blue light, pollution and free radicals. These perils lead to oxidative degeneration, which weakens your vision and immunity.

At this point, your body and eyes call for organic food supplementation to help restore and improve your overall health. Luckily, we’ve brought you a wealth of purely organic products such as:

  • Astaxanthin, the most powerful yet gentle carotenoid
  • Lingonberries, the little-known vision booster
  • Blueberries, the richest superfruits

We’ll also share a few recipes to give you an early pass into celebrating improved eyesight.

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1. Astaxanthin: The Most Powerful Carotenoid

When it comes down to the health of your eyes, organic astaxanthin always sees it clearly. It’s 6000 times more potent than the traditional vitamin C, and it’s the most gentle antioxidant.

Astaxanthin’s unique chemical composition allows it to pass through every membrane and barrier within your body. That’s how it delivers its protective powers to your body and blood all the time.

1.1. How Astaxanthin Protects Your Eyes

Once you take natural astaxanthin, it enters your brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier. From there, it enters your eyes through the blood-retinal barrier.

Once in the eyes, astaxanthin proactively begins its long-awaited job of neutralising free radicals.

LOOV Food organic astaxanthin and fruits
Maintain a strong immune system

Here are some of the ways astaxanthin works wonders for your eyes:

  • Averts double-vision
  • Reduces vision impairment associated with high blood sugar levels.
  • Prevents pollution-induced damage
  • Slows age-associated eye conditions
  • Increases the ability to see minute details
  • Increases blood flow in the eye capillaries
  • Strengthens the retina’s collagen structure
  • Enhances eye lubrication and prevents soreness
  • Sharpens visual sensation and improves critical flicker fusion
  • Reduces eye fatigue and strain by improving accommodation speed

In short, organic astaxanthin is your all-in-one eye-protective supplement.


For your convenience and product hygiene, LOOV Food has packed all of astaxanthin’s natural goodness into easy-to-swallow capsules of 12 mg and 4 mg.

  • Take 12 mg with food daily for 2 months
  • Then take 4 mg daily with food
take astaxanthin with food to increase absorption
Chickpea Omelet with Nutritional Yeast
💡 Expert Tip: Astaxanthin is a carotenoid nutritional supplement that is soluble in fat. As such, it’s best taken orally with fatty foods.

2. Blueberries: The Richest Superfruit

Wild Nordic blueberries are famous for their generosity with anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are antioxidants that your eyes need in order to maintain clear vision.

Blueberries are also packed with vitamin A and C, both vital in fighting free radicals, which are unstable molecules that cause disease. These vitamins also aid in preventing inflammation and treating eye dryness.

Are you living with blood sugar-related vision issues (retinopathy) or impending cataracts? Let our blueberries nourish you with flavonoids that can prevent damage to your eyes.

Zinc is another essential mineral richly available in wild blueberries. It reconditions your eyes for maximum night vision. Take a tablespoonful of LOOV organic freeze-dried blueberry powder daily to increase your ability to see in the dark.

Zinc will also protect you against macular degeneration.

handpicked wild blueberries
Freeze-Dried Organic Whole Wild Blueberries

2.1. How to Enjoy Blueberries

Snacking away at fresh wild berries is an absolute delight. But fresh, unrefrigerated blueberries may be out of your reach.

Some vendors sell blueberry syrup extracts devoid of fibre and other essential compounds. Others peddle cultivated or synthetic versions, which are poor in nutrients and are riddled with chemical impurities.

But LOOV Food’s freeze-dried berries are as rich as they were in their natural habitat. Not an ounce of vitality is lost.

You can add the powder to your porridge, yoghurt, or bakery products daily. Adding it to a smoothie turns every glass into a feast.

Here’s how to treat yourself to a mouth-watering blueberry smoothie.


glass of alluring blueberry smoothie
Morning Blueberry Smoothie


Blend all the ingredients and enjoy!

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3. Lingonberries: The Little Known Vision Booster

Natural lingonberries are full of anthocyanins, a vital antioxidant for the health of your eyes.

Get a clean shot of vitamin A, vitamin E and many essential eye-protecting compounds such as quercetin and resveratrol. Your eyes need these ingredients to fight glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal damage linked to high blood sugar levels.

The abundance of vitamin A in wild lingonberries will clear up your corneas and improve your night vision.

Organic Nordic lingonberries’ flavonoid load is good news to the body’s fight against free radicals, which cause eye inflammation and other diseases.

LOOV Food ensures you reap all the benefits of fresh wild berries wherever you may be. We’ve achieved this through freeze-drying them for you.

Here’s how to enrich your favourite smoothie with LOOV organic freeze-dried lingonberry powder.

glass of lingonberry smoothie
Smoothie with Lingonberry powder



Blend all the ingredients and make a toast to healthy eyes.

The table below shows how organic freeze-dried berries differ from their dehydrated counterparts.

Organic freeze-dried berries Dehydrated berries
Have higher preserved nutritional value (about 97%) Have less nutritional value as the heat used to dehydrate them diminishes their value by 40-50%
Have a longer shelf-life and a more durable potency as 98-99% of their moisture is removed Have a shorter shelf-life since only about 80-90% of their moisture is removed
Taste great as they have their nutrients, flavors, colour, and texture intact Don’t taste as great since some vitamins and minerals are stripped during the heating process
Much easier to rehydrate as they only require water (hor or cold) to reconstitute to their original state They don’t return to their original state once rehydrated as they’ve already been subjected to heat
Pure, without additives or preservatives Laced with synthetic additives, preservatives and fillers

💡 Expert Tip:

Add a tablespoonful of LOOV Food organic powder to your favourite smoothie, porridge or bakery product daily to keep your eyes powerful and healthy.

  • Eating organic blueberries will nourish you with anthocyanins, providing added protection to your retinas.
  • Add sufficient amounts of lingonberries into your diet to protect your retinas against the sun’s UV rays and blue rays from electronic device screens.
  • Take the prescribed doses of astaxanthin to protect your optic nerve and improve eye sharpness and health.
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Choose Powerful Healthy Eyes

Include LOOV Food supplements in your diet to enhance the strength of your eyes and your body’s overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes astaxanthin such a unique supplement?

Astaxanthin is the most powerful natural antioxidant but is still gentle on the body and blood. Its benefits reach the whole body, with unlimited access to all blood cells and membranes.

Above all, astaxanthin has the exceptional ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and the blood-retinal barrier to protect them by neutralising free radicals.

Astaxanthin is readily absorbed into the blood upon ingestion, making it a fast-acting supplement.

How soon will I witness astaxanthin’s benefits?

Astaxanthin takes some time to accumulate in your body because it’s fat-soluble. As such, it may take you between 2 and 6 weeks to feel astaxanthin’s positive results. It’s advisable to increase its absorption by taking it with fatty foods.

Can lingonberries prevent malignancy?

Studies have shown that lingonberries are rich in compounds that inhibit the formation and multiplication of tumours and malignant cells. Freeze-dried lingonberries have proven effective in reducing the number and extent of potentially neoplastic lesions and tumours on the oesophagus.

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