5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas, that won’t get Regifted!

This year, you don’t have to feel bad about gifts that might be received with an awkward smile. We put together a list of unique and special gifts, that won’t be regifted, and that covers the whole spectrum of wishes of the people in your life!
We’ve all been at the receiving end of a gift, that ended up being regifted or hidden at the back of the closet, never to be seen again. The scariest part is – a study has found that people throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year than any other time of the year. That number is horrific if nothing else. Why not consider being kinder to Mother Earth this holiday season, and hunt for unique presents that are full of love, care, and thought!

Gift boxes

1. Best gift you can give – a gift of health!

It’s been a crazy year and your loved ones deserve all the love in the world! Presents, that will shine with uniqueness – Nordic Superfoods – thoughtful, healthy surprises for your loved ones! They’re packed with all the superpowers you need, to get through the holidays with a strong immune system, and health benefits that make your head spin!

LOOV has put together two special and carefully chosen Christmas Collections that will make you the Santa of the year!

The ’Have a Berry Christmas Collection’ contains three of LOOV’s most popular products, that are packed with everything nature has to offer! Organic blueberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant powders make a powerful 3, that will leave any other superheroes to shame! Full of antioxidants, they have been known to be the perfect example of a healthy superfood!
And don’t worry – if your granny has no idea how to use the super berry powders, then we’ve added some special recipes that are easy to make and taste deliciously Christmas-y!

Mighty Mushroom Christmas Collection is an essential addition to every health-conscious person’s shelf! These mushroom tinctures are totally organic, and 100% made from fruiting bodies – which is the most potent part of the mushroom! They are full of essential compounds and antioxidants! They come with a brochure on how to use them, but believe us – they are so easy to use and make up a perfect part of anyone’s daily diet!

Berry powders
Mushroom tinctures

2. Gift your time!

This is the time to get creative! Organize a sweet little treasure hunt, or prepare an eco-friendly card with an invitation to a lovely late-night candlelit dinner! Or prepare a movie night with some healthy and sweet snacks and their favorite movie! Your time is the best free gift you can give to a loved one!

3. A practical gift that will definitely be of use!

Whether the receiver is eco-conscious or far from it – a material gift that is practical and sustainable is the one you can feel doubly good about giving this year!
Here are some great ideas for practical gifts:

  • Herbal tea for that friend, who likes cozy nights at home!
  • Organic bath products for that relative, who likes to nourish themselves from time to time
  • A sustainable yoga mat is great for your sister, who has been into yoga for years!
  • Organic coffee for your father, who just loves his Sunday morning coffees
  • Soy or coconut candle for a coworker, who doesn’t seem to get enough of cozy accessories
  • Recycled shopping bag is an essential part of everybody’s daily shopping habits!

4. Memorable event

Maybe your brother is the ultimate U2 fan – or your best friend just doesn’t get enough of the yoga classes or massages! A practical, yet memorable event might just be, what makes someone’s Christmas!

5. Bind their favorite recipes or photos to an album!

Granny is the best baker of the family? Why not collect her favorite recipes into one book, so they’ll always have the secret family recipes in one place!
Or maybe your auntie would appreciate all those lovely photos of family gatherings in one beautiful book!

Recipe book