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Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder 142 g (5 oz)

  • Our wild-harvested (not cultured) Chaga mushroom powder is high in antioxidants and fiber,
  • Handpicked in a sustainable way from pristine, certified organic forests in Northern Europe,
  • Not heated, i.e. it is raw food and all the valuable nutrients are preserved,
  • Produced from the whole Chaga mushroom. The interior and exterior parts of Chaga mushrooms contain different active ingredients, so the best results are achieved when both parts are used together.
  • Please note: though the powder is fine, it will not dissolve completely in liquid and must be steeped like tea,
  • HOW TO USE: Add 0,5-1 tsp daily to smoothies, yogurt, juice, porridge, cereal, enjoy as a tea or in other recipes.


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