• Organic
  • From juice pressed berries and nothing else
  • From the most valuable part of the berries: peels and seeds
  • 100 g powder = 700 g fresh berries
  • Dried at low temperature to preserve all the valuable nutrients
  • Full of vitamins and enzymes
  • No added sugar or other additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Berries are wild-crafted from certified organic forests
  • Easy to mix and use in different recipes

Wild berry powders are made of using juice pressed berries. The highest levels of healthy polyphenol compounds are found in the skin of berries.

Therefore, the powders are made of the most valuable part of the berries: peels and seeds, which are dried at low temperature (+45 °C) for 48 hours. This dried mixture is then milled into wild blueberry powder.

Berry powders are a highly nutritive ingredient for great tasting cakes, muffins, pancakes and other baked goods. Added to kefir, curd, pot cheese, unflavored yogurt, porridge, oatmeal, smoothies or marinades, berry powders provide a genuine wild berry flavor. For greater nutritional benefit we recommend ingesting 1-2 tbsp a day for 2-3 weeks.


Wild berries have been used both as food and a medicine due to their strong cleansing effect and high level of antioxidants. Forest berries provide a significant amount of the daily recommended allowance of minerals and vitamins.

Berries boost metabolism, strengthen the immune system, lungs, blood vessels and heart, stimulate the kidneys, and provide some relief in the case of inflammations. Eating berries keeps you healthy and youthful!