USDA Organic

Ranne Kuldmaa

Supply Chain Manager

Walking in the forest gives me a great pleasure. Occasionally I need to get to the nature to breathe some fresh air and load my batteries. I don’t do it because it is healthy or useful, I do it because I love it.

I also love to camp and sleep in the tent, so I could soak in strength from the nature. Food is also getting more and more important to me – I want it to be fresh and homemade.
I really enjoy travelling and all kinds of adventures – whenever I see a good offer or chance, I always use it! I want to live my life in a way that I would have something to remember afterwards. Therefore, I can say that my life is pretty active and full of adventures.

At LOOV I appreciate the most these people that work here and this atmosphere these people have created. My colleagues radiate joy, our team is united and office life playful. We are open and honest and accept each other just the way we are.

Others about me

  • “Ranne is fast, productive and enterprising young woman who solves challenges easily. At that she stays completely calm and leaves the impression that it was just a piece of cake!”
  • “Ranne – she is flowing, stable and calm as a smooth river. But she is also very fast and sharp and active, so all the logistical challenges get solved. Ranne reflects sincerity and goodness in her every step. She is so positive, and her mindset is an example to us.”
  • “Ranne is very calm, although inside of her there is actually a passionate world explorer, who`s journey takes her to all kind of exciting places. When the urge for adventures gets her, she jumps the parachute or travels for example to Iceland or Chernobyl. She doesn´t let her smile and optimism be bothered by some intense situation. “Let`s do it!” seems to be her motto!”
  • “Ranne knows that it is useful to think first and express it afterwards. And, that sometimes it is not necessary to say anything at all. Very smart girl, this Ranne.”
  • “Ranne is sharp and bright. She also holds the world record for performing the tasks in the fastest way possible. Sometimes she even manages to finish the task before the task has emerged at all and I don´t know anyone else who has managed to do the same!”