USDA Organic

Piret Vihmar (maternity leave)

Online Export Manager

As time goes on, I understand more and more what is really important for me in my life: real things, authentic people and pure food. Movies, fresh air, the joy of movement, cooking and reading.

My greatest wish is to spend my days doing something, that nurtures my soul.

I wish, that my kids and their kids could enjoy everything I am able to enjoy at the moment. I wish, they would know how to live sustainably and do so. I hope, that my work here at LOOV helps me to fulfill all of those wishes.

Others about me

  • “From the very first moment I met Piret, I had the feeling she was sincere. She is who she seems to be! If she does not care for something, she will let you know with courage and honesty. She speaks her mind and jokes around. It is great to talk to someone like that, nice and easy. So, from the very first moment, it was clear that Piret fits in perfectly with the family at LOOV Organic. She was exactly what we had been missing!”
  • “Piret radiates warmth, but she is also sweet, calm, wise, and full of life. She goes along with the flow, but she also has the tenacity and courage to find her own way and encourage others to follow. Sincere and warm, deep and thorough, helpful and an all-around great person we are happy to call our own!”
  • “Piret seems quite sweet, like a mild summer breeze, but when you need action, this breeze becomes a real storm and starts making waves.”