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Liisi Anvelt

LOOV Digital Marketing Specialist Liisi Anvelt
Digital Marketing Specialist

I’ve been privileged to be born in a place where ‘organic’ is normal and welcomes you with open arms. It’s a place where having your fingers in the cold Spring soil of the garden beds speaks the ancient stories of our grandmother, their mothers, and their mothers before them.

Each year, after a sleepy, snowy, yet so cozy winter, I cannot wait to greet springtime, to start digging in the garden, planting small seeds (that you almost cannot see with your eyes), and seeing the small seeds by Autumn to be grown so high it can almost touch the clouds.
Nor can I wait for those long summer nights where the fresh smell of forest and melodious bird voices lull you to sleep after a long midsummer hiking trip, or even until Autumn to follow the road to childhood woodlands and get lost in the ritual of gathering my own herbs and berries safely hidden in these magical Nordic forests.

I can do nothing but be grateful for all my life filled with good memories of nature and self-grown food, which is richer than all the world’s gold combined. It fills my heart with joy that I have finally found a place and people at LOOV where I can share the stories and magic of a Nordic land with so much to offer.

Others about me

  • “Attentive, warm, and thorough. Ensures she has all the necessary pieces to complete the puzzle so that the client could get the best possible experience. When you read how Liisi writes about wild berries and plants, it feels as if they were talking to her.”
  • “Thorough and profound. Liisi’s warm and sympathetic presence makes you feel cared for and trusted. With Liisi, I would have long conversations about photography which is her passion and her way of expressing herself. Tranquility.”
  • “Liisi is sweet and sincere and caring. You can notice that just by looking at her, even before you begin to talk. I’m so happy that it’s her who sits closest to me and that we’re on this journey together.”
  • “Liisi is like a forest-fairy who radiates tender care towards everything around her. With her sunny and gentle energy, she can move every mountain to its perfect location. Always ready to act, comprehensive, and precise in everything she does, with a great thirst for knowledge.”
  • “Liisi with her pleasant, relaxed, and balanced vibe is a great addition to our team. It’s so nice to see how her job inspires her and brings a twinkle to her eyes.”