USDA Organic

Liis Kalvik

Head of Export / B2B

The organic way of thinking caught up with me when my kids were born. I felt like I wanted to give them the cleanest and healthiest options. I suppose many other parents have headed down that path, it is natural to want only the best for your baby. Often, though, when kids grow, making organic choices does not seem as important anymore. Now that I am working at LOOV myself, I can strive towards helping people understand the importance of organic food and lifestyle at any age – and not just at home, but at the office too.

I am enticed by the power born here at LOOV from the combination of clean food and the people working here. This power bears very special and delicious fruit. I am convinced that people need to be able to be themselves at all times. At work too, you should be able to carry yourself without putting on masks or trying out roles. I can be myself at LOOV! It is very inspiring to work among colleagues who are just my type, who are like family to me.

Friendship, warmth and sincerity are the keywords that bring joy to my heart at work and in life in general. I get my joie de vivre, good mood and energy from living an active life.

Others about me

  • “Liis just glows! She glows so much you can take her to a nighttime exploration in a dark forest and not bring a flashlight at all.”
  • “Liis has a cute little girl in her who can bring a smile to anyone’s face, as she hums a tune, picking flowers on a meadow.”
  • “She is always full of positivity and has lots of empathy. Her dedication inspires me to try harder.”
  • “Liis is a petite woman, but she is bigger on the inside. She takes on a task and completes it, glowing all the while, and with a twinkle in her eye.”
  • “Imagine a beautiful, feminine, charming, warm, joyful and glowing woman. It makes you feel good thinking of her, right? There is a woman like this in our office every day. And what a wonderfully resonant name she has – Liis.”