USDA Organic

Kristo Tuurmann


The first steps toward a healthier diet and more conscious life began in early 2012, when my girlfriend’s lifestyle could not be ignored. Her lifestyle caused me to wonder if my choices were worse or okay.

After years of living in Canada, where the diet was rich in GMO, hormones, pesticides and shiny fruit, I decided to accelerate the process of change, and since then I am a vegetarian, and particularly appreciate organic food.

Coming back to Estonia, life introduced me to Ahto and Kristjan. Next chain of coincidences (or not) which life played to me ended with a U-turn – a civil engineer became an organic producer.

In retrospect by combining the so-called individual points, it is possible to understand that every choice you have made has brought you to where you are, where you are at in life. And if you enjoy the process and make value-based decisions, the choices are always right! A toast to healthy life choices!

Others about me

  • “An infectious sense of humor and usually a broad smile on his face! :)”
  • “Benevolent, intelligent, handsome.”
  • “Kristo’s fantastically quick analysis ability is able in three words, to summarize, the most complex situations. With his wonderful sense of humor, warm eyes, and the always smiling face he radiates happiness and kindness around him.”
  • “Kristo is a pal with such self-confidence you know he could build a two-man canoe and use it to ride down Niagara Falls without fear that something would happen to his passenger. It is really fun to discuss serious issues with him in a humorous manner. I’m quite sure that in this man is hiding a star athlete; it can be anticipated by his active filling of a training diary.”
  • “Kristo is a man always in the right place at the right time – probably that is how he found his way to LOOV!”
  • “At first he seems quiet, but just wait a little while! In fact, I think he is the party spirit of LOOV. He does not perceive any problem as a problem, but rather as a challenge, which is very motivating. He trusts others to cope independently, it allows one to feel important and necessary.”