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I remember the feeling when I took my seat on the hard, wooden seats of the train. I was filled with excitement ahead of my weekly journey and with a sense of freedom knowing that in just forty short minutes, I would be stepping off the train into the blissful countryside. Like every other Estonian, I split my time between the urban city and rural countryside. I was four years old when I first took the train alone. I recall the hint of freshly cut grass in the air, the birds singing a joyous song, and the happiness that welcomed me through air-dried sheets when I reached my nan’s house.

Before I had friends, my best friend was a black-and-white cow whom I would sit and talk to all day. I grew up believing that everything we used was local. I would wake up at the crack of dawn to stand in queue for warm milk and only shop in farmer’s markets.

Years later I found I had forgotten my connection with food and wilderness. I realized I had no idea what I was putting in my body or on my skin. I was eating the animals I claimed to have loved, my health was spiraling downward, and I felt unhappy. One year, after a visit to India, I decided to go vegan and have never looked back. My health made an instant one-eighty. I have more energy, am more involved and focused, and feel one with nature again.

My years living in Australia also pushed me to become more aware of the climate crisis. I became an activist and a zero-waster. I started writing environmental articles and buying package-free food. I realized the field I was working in did not correlate with my values anymore, so I stopped working. I recognized I had won the lottery of awareness and after what felt like forever, I finally found LOOV, who shared my beliefs and goals for humanity. It is like the countryside here where the air is cleaner – and lots more fun.

Others about me

  • “It’s amazing to see how our product world really touches her on a personal level. She is inspired and enthusiastic. So, hopefully she has arrived at the right place on her search in the professional field and I have a strong sense that her values and principles are a perfect match for LOOV. You can get advice from her about the names of house plants, new vegan-trends, or awesome vegan restaurants.”
  • “Do you know those Disney princesses with red long hair and a personality that lights up the room and that invokes the Sound of Music soundtrack? Well, we got one of those people in the form of Jaana in our office! Be the envy of every other company in down – be envy!”
  • “Jaana is a fierce, red-headed fairy with a bit of mysterious vibe. You can sense a strong personality with firm beliefs and values when you talk to her.”