USDA Organic

Cäroly Kirs

Logistics Specialist

I spent my childhood in the countryside. Thanks to that, my connection with nature and clean, healthy food has always been strong. I have always wanted to work someplace that shared my values, and I found that employer in LOOV. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is my motto in life – I follow that by eating nutritious clean food every day and exercising enough.

Others about me

  • “Cäroly is like the sun in Estonia – we rarely see her, but when she does show herself, she makes everyone happy. Her sweet demeanour and positive attitude are infectious, while her jokes are to the point and add spice to a workday that may be full of tension. Our very own island-born maiden is always herself and is not afraid to take substantial steps. Determined and particular in all situations.”
  • “Cäroly is hard-working and her no-nonsense attitude means that everything runs smoothly under her care. Cäroly joined us in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, when people were self-isolating, so we have not had a lot of time to get to know her, but I am sure we will.”
  • “Cäroly is island-born, that is for sure. She may seem modest at first, but when you get to know her, you will learn that she is hard-working, funny and talkative. She has a lot on her plate with school and work, but she handles it all well. How do you know Cäroly has been to the office? Either there is the scent of coffee wafting through the air or you will come across a fruit baggy for a smoothie later.”
  • “Cäroly is the youngest of the bunch at LOOV Organic. She is sincere and authentically real. She supports me in my work every day either by sending a pallet of freeze-dried blueberry powder to Korea or making sure a client in the US immediately receives a highly important product sample. She gives me answers I need for my job quickly and efficiently.”