USDA Organic

Annika Pajupuu

Online Export Manager / Customer Care Specialist

When I was a little girl, I spent my days at my grandmother’s wandering around the woods. I found a mystical fairy forest right behind the house. I used to lie on a bed of moss and wait for deer to show up – sometimes they did, sometimes not. When I was hungry, I used to dash to the garden and get a few carrots or a half-ready apple. I knew nothing about organic food, but all of it was clean and grown with love and care.

Even now, I run to the countryside from the city every chance I get to go barefoot and catch some rays. I am like a country kid who got lost in the big city. Exercise and healthy food are my passion. I have spent the majority of my free time on a ball court and I know very well how important exercise and good food are to our wellbeing and feeling healthy. I truly want to share that with everyone else, because it is always easier to prevent than to treat.

When I first came to LOOV Organic, I immediately felt this was where I wanted to stay. These were the people I wanted to grow with and ‘fix’ the world. We dream together and take it step by step towards a better future. Come along for the ride!

Others about me

  • “Annika is a warm and happy person, a great friend and a wonderful colleague – someone to share your everyday struggles and successes. She gives a lot of encouragement to others with her healthy and active lifestyle, she is a sort of a role model in that regard. I am sincerely happy Annika is part of our team.”
  • “Annika radiates true joy and courage. She is the perfect addition to our sunny crew. Annika is also the fiercest competitor in the LOOV “triathlon” (9-floor stair run, headstand and planking). It is a good thing we have not played any ball at our team events – the skill difference would be as great as if a chess player went against a professional athlete in gymnastics.”
  • “A sincere, sweet and plucky girl. Annika has strong values and great motivation to pursue them. It seems like Annika understood what was important in life back when she was still a child. I would trust her with my life.”
  • “Annika seems to have a direct line to some endless source of inspiration; it is where she gets her radiant smile and infectious power. She uses her “secret weapons” to bring positive vibes to the world.”