USDA Organic

Anneli Vernik

Marketing Manager

If it was up to me, the world would be a peaceful oasis full of happy people, living in mutual respect with each other and following the rhythms of nature.

My love of nature and the countryside was deeply ingrained in me when I was still a child – I was from the city and used to play the weeding machine on a potato field or just wander around in nature. When I need energy, I can find it leaning against an ancient oak tree, listening to the steady song of wind and waves in a pine forest by the sea, jumping into a bog lake or dancing it out on the dance floor, enjoying a good book or spending time with my thoughts.

I value moments and experiences as they come and find the beauty in details. I also have a bit of a green thumb, and my summer exercise mainly consists of running behind the lawnmower for miles. High-quality and close relationships feed my soul and I am glad I can find them at work.

Valuing nature and natural, clean food, as well as a sustainable attitude have always been a part of me, but my understanding of what goes on behind the scenes evolved when I was living and studying in Germany.

Others about me

  • “A real thirst for development and perfection, as bright as the sun. Always open, sincere, real and caring.”
  • “Anneli ‘The Marketing Agency’ Vernik. Her sharp, not very tame humour brings a smile in each day :). The best partner for buffets and dances!”
  • “On my left sits a wonderful creature. I have not still quite figured out if she is an angel or some sort of a rare fairy. To avoid confusion, I generally just call her Anneli. Together, we regularly organise laughing therapy sessions to get our six packs in a beach-ready state by summer.”
  • “Radiates dance from every pore, and her smile is in itself just radiant. With her being, she gives more energy to the world than all the Duracell batteries combined!”