• Grown in Nordic climates in Estonia
  • Not heat-treated, raw
  • All good vitamins preserved
  • Natural color and taste
  • Delicious nutty flavor
  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Easy to use in various recipes

Gluten free raw buckwheat groats are made of organically grown buckwheat that is dried below 39 degrees and hulled using traditional mechanically operated mills. This method preserves natural color, taste and all essential nutrients of the buckwheat.

Raw buckwheat groats do not contain any dirty hulls and can be used straight out of the pack.

Raw buckwheat groats can be roasted, boiled or consumed raw, retaining all the wonderful nutrients found in buckwheat. Perfect for grainy porridge, sprouts (buckwheat sprouts go well in smoothies and salads), salads, added to stews, muesli or granola.



Can be sprouted easily and has a very high sprouting rate. As it is not heat-treated, it remains viable, proven by the fact that it can be sprouted easily.

Sprouted raw buckwheat has the most nutrients. It is a good idea to soak raw buckwheat to kickstart the sprouting process. Buckwheat synthesizes and collects a lot of vitamins, antibiotics, enzymes, phytohormones and other bioactive compounds to grow the sprout.

It is recommended to eat 2-3 tbsp (50 g) of sprouted buckwheat per day. Sprouted buckwheat is most beneficial when consumed in the morning or as a starter, added to soups, porridges, salads and smoothies.