Kristjan Õunamägi


Kristjan Õunamägi

CEO / Founder

Phone: +372 607 7801
Mobile: +372 5646 9987
E-mail: kristjan@loovfood.com

Since childhood, I have been obsessed with a question: “How much can I, by myself, create and influence my life?” To what extent is our life changed by a coincidence, some say fate, and to what extent by targeted objectives, one’s own deeds, inspirations, and dreams?

Creation of LOOV has confirmed for me that everything in life is possible and in people is hiding potential, of which we have no clue. It is easy to recognize, what I do not want out of life, but it is much more difficult to formulate what I really wish for.

If this difficulty is overcome, the rest is easy. Good health, freedom, an opulent lifestyle, love, and feeling of joy of life and the perception of the exercise of a broader mission – this is what I would like out of life. For me, the creation of and the growing up with Loodusvägi has been the opportunity to share all of this – sharing has received a much greater significance.

Others about me

"In his spare time, he enjoys tirelessly philosophical-psychological debates, good music and the company of people. Big dreamer and the man on the trigger! "

"Our own holistic guru - Kristjan-C. G. Jung-Õunamägi. 10 years of gentle and organic has shaped his facial features into gentle and sooner rather than later, in his musical repertoire the songs are gentle."

"No matter in what field Kristjan operates - as a philosopher, a psychologist, a sales wolf, a musician, a world improver, a daydreamer - the impulses given by him are transmitted in the form of strong vibratory waves forward to the entire universe, seeding on the path of abundance and love, and encouraging people to reflect more seriously when they look into themselves."

"So here we have a lovely charmer Kristjan. The young man bursting with positivity all over has a fantastic singing voice. I am absolutely convinced that in a previous life, he held the office of a siren or a mermaid. These creatures allegedly had a voice as captivating and magical as Kristjan’s. I've seen first-hand how the girls fall into his charm, sweet fainting full of pink hearts. The truth is, once even I had to cling to the handrail with my knees shaking."

"Kristjan is very easy to communicate with - he listens to you quietly, and is interested in other opinions and perspectives, what is vital - he encourages you to come up with your own ideas, and never criticizes them."