Katri Korbun


Katri Korbun

Digital Marketing Specialist

Phone: +372 607 8733
E-mail: katri@loovfood.com

I have spent more than a half of my life at the countryside and in the nature, so this is where I feel myself the best. For me it is natural to grow your own food and walk barefoot on the grass.

But everything that felt so natural and available in the countryside seems rather a luxury while living in the city. Pure food and pure people – these both can be a deficiency in the city.

Therefore, I appreciate the same values in food and people – naturalness, purity and honesty. These values also tie me to LOOV and to these unusually great colleagues I have here.

However, I didn’t discover organic food consciously before I was a grown up and because of my health problems. Based on my experience, I believe that clean food and healthy thoughts are the best medicine for whatever kind of disease.
Today I work every day to ensure that the organic and healthy food we make here at LOOV could reach beyond the borders of Estonia to improve the health of people in the most distant parts of the world.

I get new energy by spending time with my dearest people, having fun with my dog, travelling. And of course, I love to spend as much time as possible in the countryside and in the nature. Hopefully in the future I can have my own garden for that.

Others about me

„Katri is so calm, balanced and talented. As a photographer she makes amazing pictures and her fashionable clothing style is also admirable. She is dear, good and a lovely colleague!”

“One picture Katri has taken speaks more than 1000 words. Her pictures are sincere and striking and work as an amazing bridge between the nature`s power and people.”

“She is a young soul with huge amount empathy and she has an amazing skill to be there, even if you don’t notice her. But you can always be sure that every moment when you need her, she will be there. I also really love her clothing style!”

“From one side Katri is so calm and balanced, from the other side she is so passionately helpful and thoughtful, so we can only be thankful for her.”