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Our Team

Our Team Members

Kristo Tuurmann


“Kristo’s fantastically quick analysis ability is able in three words, to summarize, the most complex situations. With his wonderful sense of humor, warm eyes, and the always smiling face he radiates happiness and kindness around him.”

Ahto Vegmann

CEO / Co-Founder

“One of my friends and a colleague with the cleanest values, whom I have met in my life – embodies the true spirit of nature. With an extremely broad world view and an open mind.”

Anneli Vernik

Marketing Manager

“A real thirst for development and perfection, as bright as the sun. Always open, sincere, real and caring.”

Liis Kalvik

Head of Export / B2B

“Liis just glows! She glows so much you can take her to a nighttime exploration in a dark forest and not bring a flashlight at all.”

Piret Vihmar (maternity leave)

Online Export Manager

“Piret seems quite sweet, like a mild summer breeze, but when you need action, this breeze becomes a real storm and starts making waves.”

Annika Pajupuu

Online Export Manager / Customer Care Specialist

“Annika seems to have a direct line to some endless source of inspiration; it is where she gets her radiant smile and infectious power. She uses her “secret weapons” to bring positive vibes to the world.”

Heili Järv

Marketing Assistant / Customer Care Specialist

“Heili fills every room with her warm, deep glow! Sometimes I get the feeling that she works with a supersonic speed. You can barely mention anything to her that she hasn’t already taken care of and more. A companion on the journey who is thirsty for knowledge and adventure, and who will never be a bore.”

Cäroly Kirs

Logistics Specialist

“Cäroly is like the sun in Estonia – we rarely see her, but when she does show herself, she makes everyone happy. Her sweet demeanour and positive attitude are infectious, while her jokes are to the point and add spice to a workday that may be full of tension…”

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