Anneli Vernik


Anneli Vernik

Head of Marketing

Phone: +372 607 7840
E-mail: anneli@loovfood.com

If it were up to me, the world would be an oasis of peaceful and happy people, where people live in mutual respect and in accordance with the rhythms of nature.

Love for nature and the country life came to me from childhood, where the city child was the “weeding combine” in the potato field or just wandering around in the wild with open eyes and an open mind. I draw energy from nature, with my back against an ancient oak or on the beach by the pine forest from the joint concert of the rustle of the sea and the blasts of wind or from the lake in the marsh, or from the dance floor, or good books, or just from contemplations, or longer or shorter hikes.

I value the moment and the experience at that moment and find beauty in little things. I like to stick my finger into the soil and as a summer sport I also practice jogging behind a lawnmower for kilometres on end. However, the real soul food comes from high-quality interpersonal relationships, and I am happy that this also characterizes our work environment.

The valuing of nature and clean natural foods, as well as the attitude of protection of the environment, has always been a part of me, but the conscious awareness of what is going on behind the scenes was developed in me when I was studying and living in Germany.

Others about me

“A shining sun striving towards perfection with a tremendous thirst for development. Always open, sincere, genuine and caring."

“Anneli “Marketing Agency" Vernik. To say the least, her splendid, but not too soft humour brings a smile to me every day :). Best buffet and dance partner!"

“Sitting on my left hand, there is a wonderful creature. I still have not quite understood whether she is an angel or some very rare fairy. Generally, to avoid confusion, as a habit I just call Anneli. With Anneli, we regularly organize laugh therapies with the primary aim to get the six pack into a presentable shape by the summer beach season."

"Radiates dance with each body cell and the warmth with her brilliant smile. She gives with her presence more energy than all the world's Duracell batteries put together! "