Agnes Männiste


Agnes Männiste

Head of E-commerce Marketing

Mobile: +372 52 45 480
E-mail: agnes@loovfood.com

I get joy and enjoyment from everything that is real and genuine, either cucumbers picked from my mothers garden or sweet tomatoes, fingers smelling of wild strawberries, woods yellow with chanterelles, the sky pink with the sunset, foggy mornings on the fields, dewdrops on the grass, pine needles underfoot or the best melody of all, birdsong.

All this and a hundred reasons more is why I love nature and have to escape from urban noise quite often to feed my soul and relieve stress.

I also love healthy food as much as I love nature. Food is medicine, it is the first and most important means of improving our health and wellbeing – that is something I have realised when paying attention to my own body.

I have felt my health improving when I eat clean and wholesome food, and I want to encourage others to make healthier and more thoughtful choices – not only when it comes to the ingredients, but also the origin and preparation of the food.

Others about me

"Agnes can write about important and necessary subjects in a way that is exciting and interesting for everyone, inspiring them to learn more. Genuine and true, mystical and deep."

"The world is full of all kinds of furry animals and exciting birds. One of those feathery creatures has made her nest in the LOOV office. I am positive she has wings – I have not seen them yet, but a warm heart and a sincere smile tell me she is definitely related to angels. On darker nights I take her home with me – her subtle and mysterious glow light up the darkest winter nights."

"There is a certain type of people – you look at them and they radiate warmth and openness. People who are so good you do not want to say anything bad to them in afrustrating situation. Instead you go and grumble about it to yourself. And if you do happen to say something, you will feel bad about it for hours on end. Agnes is one of those people. Just out of interest, I tried to imagine a situation where Agnes would be hot-tempered and angry… Impossible!"

"Brightness, lightness, joy and a way with words. A wonderful young lady with an open mind, who always has good advice to give. Loves nature and always seems very balanced."

"Agnes is fierce and sweet; lovely, but practical. A very warm person. It is great just being near her."

"One of the most food-conscious people I know. Our poster girl for healthy eating."