Our endeavour is not only to produce products from organic ingredients, but we want to provide people with the primeval pure power of nature, based on their activities, to the extent possible with environmental friendliness and environmental preservation.

Premium Quality

Both on the selection of raw materials and production processes, quality is a priority for us, and we do not make compromises on these points. We carry out regular quality checks in our production and with our partners.

Awareness in developing recipes

We involve nutrition therapists in the development process of recipes, in order to track the matching of the raw materials with how and which substances our body acquires better with the help of other elements. A good and simple example can be strawberry-beetroot raw snacks – beetroot contains significant amounts of iron, but for the acquisition of iron, the body needs vitamin C.

Strawberry is known as an excellent source of vitamin C. Such “smart” combinations are in all the recipes of our raw snack types. Also, our natural snacks contain a large amount (over 50%), of fruit and vegetables, enriching our body with beneficial fibre, and vitamins. Similar products in the market are usually characterized by a large seed content.

Naturalness and simplicity in the choice of the ingredients

It is essential for us that the food we produce would be natural and genuine. We avoid intentionally long lists of ingredients, some ingredients of which, people have no idea what they are. The ingredients of our products are familiar and also known for children, and no one needs to be a chemist or a biologist with higher knowledge to understand the content of what was written!

Free of additives

The additives allowed in organic production are defined by law. We are trying to avoid all the additives and offer genuine pure natural food.  For example, in the juice of the forest berry is often added water or sugar, juices are made from concentrate and enzymes are used in the production process.

The juices of Loodusvägi are 100% cold-pressed full juices without additives and enzymes (the latter is used, in order to increase the amount of juice from the berry). Our customers can decide for themselves whether and to what extent he or she dilutes the juice, or whether he or she wants to add honey or sugar for sweetening, or simply enjoy the genuine, pure natural flavour. We also follow the same principle for other products, if possible.

Preference of local raw materials

If possible, we prefer raw material from the near region and develop and keep a good relationship with organic farmers. We also encourage other farmers to go the organic trail so that the availability of raw materials in the near region will become more sustainable.

Transparency in the supply chain

In earlier times, people knew where their food came from and the conditions under which it was grown. Mostly, he or she grew in their own field or acquired it from the forest. Food is a source of vital energy that defines our feeling and thus how we can cope on a daily basis. The story of food is essential! The “Know your farmer” corners in our labels will give you just that valuable information.

Health and nature-friendly packaging

On product packaging is based on actual and real health and environment protection principles.

Paper packaging is maximally made from recycled paper of FSC-certified paper and bears the “White Swan” label. We reduce the carbon footprint by compensating for the CO2 generated in the course of production and transport of the paper used for packaging, with corresponding compensation shares. Printing inks on the packaging are environmentally friendly.

Preferably we also use glass packaging, which you will be able to take to collection points or to a glass container, thereby giving the package a new life!

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