• Full of vitamins and enzymes
  • Wide application as a valuable food supplement
  • Organic
  • No sugar, sulfites or other impurities added
  • Dried at a low temperature to preserve all the valuable nutrients.
  • Wonderful berry flavour
  • The berries have been picked in certified organic collection areas
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

Due to the chilly climate, the forest and garden berries growing in Nordic countries are especially rich in nutrients compared to the cultivated varieties. Due to their high nutrient content, powders made from Nordic berries can, therefore, be considered as a true super food!

Freeze-dried berry powders are made from 100% berry and contains all parts of the forest and garden berries: the pulp, the skins and the seeds which are dried at a temperature of -40°C (take a look at the pictures below). This dried mixture is then milled into a nutritious berry powder. The freeze-dried method can be more effective in preserving the vitamins, colour, taste and water solubility of the powder than using the hot air drying method.





Forest berries have been picked in certified organic collection areas, while garden berries come from local organic farmers.

Uses: Home-grown berry powder is a highly nutritive ingredient for great tasting cakes, muffins and other baked goods.

Area of use: freeze-dried berry powder is the antioxidant rich ingredient for morning smoothies, porridges, kefir, curd, pot cheese, plain yoghurt, great-tasting cakes, muffins and other pastries. The berry powder is also suitable as natural food dye and as food decoration. You can find interesting ideas in our recipe corner!

Let’s all protect our living environment – please bring the package to a collection point to give it a new life. Thank you!

About the beneficial properties of forest berries:

The berries have been used both as food and a medicine due to their strong cleansing effect and high level of antioxidants. Forest berries provide a significant amount of the daily recommended allowance of minerals and vitamins.

Essential oils, natural colourants, and tannins provide energy and a feeling of freshness and improve digestion.

The berries boost metabolism, strengthen the immune system, lungs, blood vessels and heart, stimulate the kidneys, and provide some relief in the case of rheumatism, inflammations, and diabetes.

Natural salicylic acid even helps to lower fevers. Several varieties of berries contain certain phenolic acids (tannins) that are potential destroyers of viruses and cancer cells.

Eating berries keeps you healthy and youthful!