• Only juice pressed directly from berries – no concentrates have been used!
  • Genuine berry taste
  • Sugar free, no water added
  • Cold pressed and lightly pasteurised
  • Berries have been picked in certified organic collection areas
  • Domestic
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Organic
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

LOOV’s pure juices are made from organic berries that are cold pressed and then lightly pasteurized. Forest berries have been picked in forests in certified organic collection areas, and garden berries come from organic farmers.

LOOV does not use enzymes during the production process of the juice to enhance extraction. Because no sugar or water is added, 100% berry juices are naturally very strong. Undiluted, the berry juices are suitable for drinking in small curative sips.

Diluted with water, they make for a very enjoyable light drink. To enjoy a sweeter drink, you can add a bit of LOOV’s organic forest honey. Thanks to their strong berry flavour, our organic juices go well with various dishes – you might find some interesting ideas in our recipe corner!

Let’s all protect our living environment! Please do not place empty bottles in bins intended for general household rubbish or leave them lying in an inappropriate place! Return the glass bottle to a packaging collection point, thereby giving it new life!