The basis for every development is a seed, an idea, a thoughtful moment of silence, which launches the process of growth and change in later life.

As an ancient symbol, the Flower of Life carries further precisely this message – a perfect system of life grows out of a seed, the first element of the entire creation!

All of us wants to experience a rich and full life! The question is our own choices, giving sense to one’s desires and then execution thereof!

The beginning

So was the beginning of LOOV in the year 2008, when the inner perception and deep contemplation of old schoolmates Ahto and Kristjan, hatched the idea and the endeavour consciously, out of pure and sincere love to create their own lives and to provide clean energy and power of nature to others! A conscious choice, which changes a lot!

Questions that Ahto and Kristjan had:

“What do I really wish from life?”

“Inside me was a big philosophical question that had plagued me for a lifetime. Is it possible to create a life of one’s own or does life create me? “

Five fundamental values

What quickly rose to the surface was five fundamental values of a full life:

Love, health, Prosperity, Freedom, Joy of Life!

The power of primordial pure nature is the source of a genuinely pure life; it’s a source of energy!

Being a part of nature ourselves and desiring to offer to the world all these values that we consider necessary for creation our own life, it became apparent:

We wanted to value and to offer to the world natural and pure food – organic food!

LOOV was born.

When the clear wish was shot in flight, events began to happen with lightning speed by themselves: a chance encounter with a dietician, birth of wild blueberry and black currant mulled wine recipes, an unexpected finding of suppliers of raw materials, the opportunity to take part in the traditional Christmas market in Tallinn’s Town Hall Square!

First product

The first product of LOOV was born:

Organic Wild Blueberry-Blackcurrant Mulled Wine!

The first trial batch was made in Kristjan’s home kitchen. A genuinely berry-tasting spicy wild blueberry and black currant mulled wine turned into a real hit on the opening day of the Christmas market in the Town Hall Square!

People’s urgent desire to take the “magic drink” in a bottle to their Christmas table for enjoying and to take it as a gift for the family laid the foundation for the production process, and for the first “shelf ready” product.


Today the LOOV product portfolio contains nearly 100 products, our cooperation partners are dozens of organic farmers both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

The mission of LOOV is to provide you with health supporting organic products through conscious product development, responsible production and marketing. We wish to contribute to the support of rural life and development of a clean planet.

The vision of our team is to be a bridge between pure food, the healthy power of nature and you!

The name of the company Loodusvägi (The Force of Nature) symbolizes exactly the primal forces abstracted from nature that we bring to you! (LOOV is an abbreviation of Loodusvägi)

Also, YOU are the creator of your own life and the carrier of good thoughts; you need pure energy for operation!

This energy will be given to you by the force derived from primal, pure nature!


Love, health, prosperity, freedom and joy of life!

The family of LOOV