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Our team


Kristjan Õunamägi

CEO / Founder

Phone: +372 607 7801
Mobile: +372 5646 9987

"In his spare time, he enjoys tirelessly philosophical-psychological debates, good music and the company of people. Big dreamer and the man on the trigger! "

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Kristo Tuurmann


Phone: +372 607 7841
Mobile: +372 5648 1654

“Kristo is a pal with such self-confidence you know he could build a two-man canoe and use it to ride down Niagara Falls without fear that something would happen to his passenger."

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Ahto Vegmann

Head of Development / Founder

Phone: +372 607 7842
Mobile: +372 5650 0455

“One of my friends and a colleague with the cleanest values, whom I have met in my life – embodies the true spirit of nature. With an extremely broad world view and an open mind.”

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Liis Kalvik

Head of Export / B2B

Phone: +372 607 7541
Mobile: +372 52 11 529

“Liis just glows! She glows so much you can take her to a nighttime exploration in a dark forest and not bring a flashlight at all.”

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Anneli Vernik

Head of Marketing

Phone: +372 607 7840

“A shining sun striving towards perfection with a tremendous thirst for development. Always open, sincere, genuine and caring."

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Agnes Männiste

Head of E-commerce Marketing

Mobile: +372 52 45 480

"Agnes can write about important and necessary subjects in a way that is exciting and interesting for everyone, inspiring them to learn more. Genuine and true, mystical and deep."

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Katri Korbun

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mobile: +372 5900 9610

„Katri is so calm, balanced and talented. As a photograph she makes amazing pictures and her fashionable clothing style is also admirable. She is dear, good and lovely colleague!”

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Ranne Kuldmaa

Logistics and Production Specialist

Phone: +372 607 8733

“Ranne is fast, productive and enterprising young woman who solves challenges easily. At that she stays completely calm and leaves the impression that it was just a piece of cake!”

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