What makes our products special

  • Premium Quality
  • Awareness in developing recipes
  • Naturalness in the choice of the ingredients
  • Free of additives
  • Preference of local raw materials
  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Health and nature-friendly packaging
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Enjoy the healing power of the Nordic superfoods

Our freeze-dried organic wild berry powders are the antioxidant rich ingredient for smoothies or oatmeal. Add these superfoods to plain yogurt as a healthy snack between the meals, energy balls, cookies, cakes and other pastries.

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How did we make it

to the trails full of the power of nature and how did the
power of nature make it into our products?
How was LOOV born? What are our
visions, mission, and values?

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Full Juices

100% cold pressed additive free juices - dilute and sweeten according to your tastes for drinking, or as salubrious sips!

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Freeze-dried berry powders

A wide area of use: freeze-dried berry powder makes for precious real Nordic super food! Made from whole berries!

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Raw Forest honey

Silky forest honey – a valuable collection of the floral nectar of thousands of forest plants! Organic honey is pure and free from pesticide residues! Many different flavours!

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Berry powders

Berries are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes. When adding them to food in a powdered form, you will derive berry power at any time of the year!

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Raw food snacks

Snack, but in a healthy way! Horticultural products of organic farmers dried on low heat - a truly delicious snack rich in fibre and vitamins!

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Mulled wines

Organic Wild Blueberry-Blackcurrant Mulled Wine - spicy berry-flavoured magic drink - the first product by LOODUSVÄGI. Explore other flavours!

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